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Patient Review By Travis F

Went to get my wisdom teeth pulled as well as a fifth tooth and a bone graft. Excellent top notch care from the entire staff making sure I was confortable the entire time! I recommend iv sedation to anyone that needs this procedure as it was painless i when i awoke the surgery was all over! Thanks again for making the surgery quick and painless! Thanks to the entire staff and a special thanks to the amazing Dr. Kikucki for making my experience as pleasant as possible!

- Travis F

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Patient Review By J'Anna H

I am so thankful our pediatric dentist recommended Dr. Kikuchi to us. He and his staff went above and beyond to make sure we were comfortable with knowing all the Information about my sons surgery. They took such good care of him. I could go on and on about this office but bottom line they are simply wonderful. whoever is reading this shouldn't spend anymore time searching other oral surgeons because this is who you want to go to.

- J'Anna H

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Patient Review By Juan L

I was worried being my first surgery, but Dr. Kikuchi and his staff were so friendly and such a great team, they made me feel comfortable, and before I knew, it was all over. I would recommend this facility to everyone... Thanks again...!

- Juan L

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Patient Review By George Fernandes

I was very worried of the procedure however the staff an Dr. Kikuchi made me very comfortable. Before I notice the procedure was over. Every one did a fantastic job. Mahalo. ( thank you in Hawaiian)

- George Fernandes

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Patient Review By Jacqueline M

Thank you for making my wisdom teeth removal so comfortable. I was absolutely terrified, but you all were amazing with me. I would definitely recommend your office to everyone! Thanks again!

- Jacqueline M

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Patient Review By Manuel M

I would refer this facility to anyone and everyone in a heartbeat.

- Manuel M

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Patient Review By Yaundee O

It was a great experience! Everyone was very nice and gentle and might I add it was VERY clean! The doctor was very knowledgeable as well. Everything was super easy and I was in and out, thank you!

- Yaundee O

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Patient Review By Pamela T

The staff & Dr. Kikuchi made me calm & kept me comfortable in a situation that could have been very negative. Went in with LOTS of anxiety & they immediately turned it around. They didn't make me feel rushed thru any of the process. A big thank you to Becky for helping us get all the pieces of this put together & organized to make it all happen! A huge thank you for doing your jobs & running your office with such kindness & compassion while being very professional!

- Pamela T

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Patient Review By J T

I must say that Dr. Kikuchi and his staff are wonderful! Having oral surgery in any form can be stressful and nerve racking as it was for me today! However Dr. Kikuchi took the time to explain everything in full he did not in any way rush through the procedure. Him and his staff are very personable with their patients. From check in all the way through check out everyone is caring and just do what they can to make their patients feel comfortable and at ease. I would not wish oral surgery on anyone however if the need arises I would certainly refer my friends and family to this office as I know they will be well cared for. My appreciation and gratitude to Dr. Kikuchi and entire staff!

- J T

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Patient Review By John D

Great practice, very knowledgeable and comforting.

- John D

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Patient Review By Michelle H

I absolutely love this office. There was not a detail that was not addressed prior to my wisdom teeth removal, Dr. Kikuchi explained everything with such care, addressing my nerdy curiosities and answering my endless questions with so much sincerity. After the procedure, his staff sent me home with a "goody bag" with gauze, my prescriptions, instructions for post-care, etc. They called at 8:00pm on a Friday (the day of my procedure) to check in on my pain and swelling and if I was having any bleeding or anything. On that Saturday, I found I was allergic to the antibiotics (not his fault, I didn't know), so I called (Dr. Kikuchi's cell phone) and he called in something new right away. He was unable to call me back a few hours later so he texted to make sure it all went fine at the pharmacy and I got a new prescription. Then, that evening (this is still Saturday!) called me again to make sure everything was going fine. If that is not exemplary patient care, I just don't know what is. The staff is great, the office is beautiful, and my dentist also said Dr. Kikuchi did a magnificent job getting my teeth out in one piece. They have literally nothing left to improve on that I could find. It almost makes me sad that I don't have to go there often!

- Michelle H

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Patient Review By A M

I would recommend Dr . Kikuchi and staff! everyone was amazing and my treatment went without any concerns!!!!

- A M

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Patient Review By Maria L

Wow what a positive experience both my husband and I had. The attention to detail t and the staff truly cares about the patient.

- Maria L

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